Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things that Make Me HAPPY!

By answering questions about things that make me happy, the goal is to find any response that is repeating itself over and over. That response is undoubtedly key to finding my passion.

These activities make me happy: drawing, looking at design, giving myself a makeover or other people, helping people decide what to wear, looking at anything minature like dollhouse furniture, having sex

Activites where I lose track of time: drawing and coloring, working on my blog, window shopping, looking at illustrations, cuddling with my husband, hanging out at book stores and libraries... a lot of things that I said make me happy
Movies that inspire me: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Mathilda,
What makes me feel good about myself: when I help someone with their relationship, health, communication or somehting that i have more experience in or knowlege about. when i am on time and accountable (still working on that) When I get all my homework done on time, when I get people the perfect gifts, when i draw something that looks awesome!
What excites me: exploring cool new place like inside of a custom designed home or fancy hotel resort in an exotic place, and watching shows that have to do with makeovers of any kind. Looking at anything miniature like rik pierce's sculptures

what makes me satisfied and fulfilled: when I do things for other people and it makes them happy, when I make something like a drawing or a book or dinner and it comes out good
What I find meaningful in my life: being able to make the world a more beautiful and happier place through my art and relationships with people. Having fun with friends and family

Past Careers and Work
Past jobs that have been the most enjoyable: designing the poster for the internship office at RCC, designing the website for my parents and jim, drawing vector illustrations for istockphoto
Past jobs that have been the most meaningful: my volunteer work with Service for Peace and witnessing at the CARP center

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