Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things that Make Me HAPPY!

By answering questions about things that make me happy, the goal is to find any response that is repeating itself over and over. That response is undoubtedly key to finding my passion.

These activities make me happy: drawing, looking at design, giving myself a makeover or other people, helping people decide what to wear, looking at anything minature like dollhouse furniture, having sex

Activites where I lose track of time: drawing and coloring, working on my blog, window shopping, looking at illustrations, cuddling with my husband, hanging out at book stores and libraries... a lot of things that I said make me happy
Movies that inspire me: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Mathilda,
What makes me feel good about myself: when I help someone with their relationship, health, communication or somehting that i have more experience in or knowlege about. when i am on time and accountable (still working on that) When I get all my homework done on time, when I get people the perfect gifts, when i draw something that looks awesome!
What excites me: exploring cool new place like inside of a custom designed home or fancy hotel resort in an exotic place, and watching shows that have to do with makeovers of any kind. Looking at anything miniature like rik pierce's sculptures

what makes me satisfied and fulfilled: when I do things for other people and it makes them happy, when I make something like a drawing or a book or dinner and it comes out good
What I find meaningful in my life: being able to make the world a more beautiful and happier place through my art and relationships with people. Having fun with friends and family

Past Careers and Work
Past jobs that have been the most enjoyable: designing the poster for the internship office at RCC, designing the website for my parents and jim, drawing vector illustrations for istockphoto
Past jobs that have been the most meaningful: my volunteer work with Service for Peace and witnessing at the CARP center

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Things that Interest Me

Personal interests
Thinking about what exactly are the things that interest me helps me get one step closer to discovering my passion.
Fav things to do in the past before I got “too busy”: play in the forest, draw, color, collect stickers and figurines, look at dolls and toys, take dance classes, read Harry Potter and any graphic novels, go to the library and look at the children’s books (Jan Brett)

Fav things to do in now: Go to the coffee shop and Barnes and Noble, surf the internet, sleep in late with Yung, window shop with friends at the mall, redesign my bedroom and the rest of my house on the website website
Hobbies: draw vector art and work on my blog, look for cool books and music at the library or barnes and noble
Fav topics of conversation: husbands, internet memes, creative ideas, religion and culture, in laws, the war on iraq, what people have been up to lately, sex tips, anything design related, makeovers, health, fashion, education

Lord of the Rings and Star Wars

Book that I would read: the rest of the Harry Potter books, Elf Quest, The Golden Compass, any books by Roald Dahl, books that have to do with design either on fonts, interior decorating, makeovers, fashions, and sex tips.
Magazines that I would buy: Metrolpolitan home or any other interior design magazines, Cosmopolitan, gaming magazines, any design Magazines. I really want to get the catalogue for play mobil so I can look at all the different set that they have. I would also buy Playboy , if I wasn’t too embarrassed (I like to draw beautiful women and the fact that they're not wearing clothes makes it easier to get the body structure right)

My skills and talents

I really believe that everyone has their natural skills and unique talents to offer this world. At the seminar, I was encouraged to really focus in on these unique abilities, either learned or inherent. The first step is to discover what they are and then understand how they might be used fulfill my passion. Here are my personal responses.

My personal strengths:

Things that I am good at doing good at: learning, explaining, designing, working with a computer, drawing, analytical thinking, memmorizing, choosing colors, dancing,

My personality strengths:
understanding towards ppl in all situations, caring, thoughtful, patient, creative thinking problem solving, knowing when someone is upset or needs to talk, listening (i’m getting a lot better), communicating, being direct and to the point
Things that I am skilled at (learned in school/church/other): graphic design, art history, fundraising, witnessing, running, cooking healthy food, web design, marketing, drawing
Things other people say i am good at: dancing, drawing, physical fitness, cooking, writing, good people person (Yung), budgeting (mom),
Natural talents i have but i don’t use are: drawing skills I don’t use them nearly enough as I would like to and I think it’s because I didn’t think it was so “practical”
If I had to teach something I would teach: How to have mind blowing sex, redesign your home interior, and have more effective communication with your significant other as well as anyone else in your life
Someone could call me to get help with: How to be healthier and how to talk to their husband or wife about budgeting, communication, and sex.
My unique abilities or my niche is: education/mass communication through visual and artistic means, help people organize their living spaces or whatever