Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Things that Interest Me

Personal interests
Thinking about what exactly are the things that interest me helps me get one step closer to discovering my passion.
Fav things to do in the past before I got “too busy”: play in the forest, draw, color, collect stickers and figurines, look at dolls and toys, take dance classes, read Harry Potter and any graphic novels, go to the library and look at the children’s books (Jan Brett)

Fav things to do in now: Go to the coffee shop and Barnes and Noble, surf the internet, sleep in late with Yung, window shop with friends at the mall, redesign my bedroom and the rest of my house on the website website www.designmyroom.com
Hobbies: draw vector art and work on my blog, look for cool books and music at the library or barnes and noble
Fav topics of conversation: husbands, internet memes, creative ideas, religion and culture, in laws, the war on iraq, what people have been up to lately, sex tips, anything design related, makeovers, health, fashion, education

Lord of the Rings and Star Wars

Book that I would read: the rest of the Harry Potter books, Elf Quest, The Golden Compass, any books by Roald Dahl, books that have to do with design either on fonts, interior decorating, makeovers, fashions, and sex tips.
Magazines that I would buy: Metrolpolitan home or any other interior design magazines, Cosmopolitan, gaming magazines, any design Magazines. I really want to get the catalogue for play mobil so I can look at all the different set that they have. I would also buy Playboy , if I wasn’t too embarrassed (I like to draw beautiful women and the fact that they're not wearing clothes makes it easier to get the body structure right)

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