Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My skills and talents

I really believe that everyone has their natural skills and unique talents to offer this world. At the seminar, I was encouraged to really focus in on these unique abilities, either learned or inherent. The first step is to discover what they are and then understand how they might be used fulfill my passion. Here are my personal responses.

My personal strengths:

Things that I am good at doing good at: learning, explaining, designing, working with a computer, drawing, analytical thinking, memmorizing, choosing colors, dancing,

My personality strengths:
understanding towards ppl in all situations, caring, thoughtful, patient, creative thinking problem solving, knowing when someone is upset or needs to talk, listening (i’m getting a lot better), communicating, being direct and to the point
Things that I am skilled at (learned in school/church/other): graphic design, art history, fundraising, witnessing, running, cooking healthy food, web design, marketing, drawing
Things other people say i am good at: dancing, drawing, physical fitness, cooking, writing, good people person (Yung), budgeting (mom),
Natural talents i have but i don’t use are: drawing skills I don’t use them nearly enough as I would like to and I think it’s because I didn’t think it was so “practical”
If I had to teach something I would teach: How to have mind blowing sex, redesign your home interior, and have more effective communication with your significant other as well as anyone else in your life
Someone could call me to get help with: How to be healthier and how to talk to their husband or wife about budgeting, communication, and sex.
My unique abilities or my niche is: education/mass communication through visual and artistic means, help people organize their living spaces or whatever

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Josie said...

you learn something new everday :D

i love your blog robin... you're so creative!